Curriculum and Content Development

Centers for Disease Control - Atlanta, GA

  • Editing and updating the WILLOW curriculum, training manuals and training materials

dfusion - Scotts Valley, CA

  • Provide input about sex education and parent-child communication; develop content for e-learning videos

  • Story-boarding for a sex-positive HIV prevention intervention mobile app

AccessMatters - Philadelphia, PA

  • E-learning developer, create online learning modules for healthcare providers

  • Trainer of healthcare providers regarding sexuality     

Facilitation and Speaking Engagements

North Carolina Sexual Health Conference - Cary, NC - August 2019

  • Mile-High Consent: How to Talk About Safer Sex Like a Flight Attendant

National Sex Ed Conference - Newark, NJ - April 2019

  • Mile-High Consent: How to Talk About Safer Sex Like a Flight Attendant

  • Pregnancy: Its a Roll of the Dice

American Public Health Association - San Diego, CA - Nov 2018

  • Condom Errors Among High Schoolers: Understanding Failure Rates - Poster Presentation

Planned Parenthood of Southeast Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA

  • Facilitator of sexuality education classes for high school students

    • Safer Sex 101

    • Contraception 101

    • Sexually Transmitted Infections 101                                         

Juicebox It App

  • One-on-one app-based sexuality educator to youth across the country


  • ETR - Scotts Valley, CA

    • Coordinator of data collection, manage data, build relationships with community organizations and school districts for sexual education program evaluation

    • Curriculum and content creation and editing including e-learning courses                                                        


Master’s of Human Sexuality Education - Widener University 2016

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology - University of Montana 2011

Honors and Awards

Facility Full Ride Recipient- Whitworth University

Gamma Eta Ro - Human Sexuality National Honors Society