My Story:

I earned a Masters in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies and am a certified HIV and hepatitis C tester, educator, and counselor. I work as a sexuality education curriculum evaluator and developer as well as teach sex ed in Philadelphia high schools.

My upbringing was one devoid of sexuality. I never got “The Talk” or watched characters kiss in movies, or saw my parents cuddle. I was raised in a conservative household that fully denied the existence of sexuality. As I became a teen with hormones, desires, and my own emerging sexuality, I felt a lot of shame and guilt. I felt wrong about my body and my natural desires. Curiosity overcame me as I began to study anthropology as my major. I learned that cultures understand sex, sexuality, gender, reproduction, family structure, and relationships in different ways. This shook my understanding of the world! Suddenly, there was variety and alternatives to the way I understood the world! I started to study human sexuality and all its complexities within my anthropology courses.

Soon, I found myself working as an HIV tester where I talked with people about sex, STDs, pleasure, and risks. I help people identify their values and desires around sex and answer their most intimate and challenging questions around sex, sexuality, and gender.

Now I work within the human sexuality education field, taking on a range of roles. I work as a sexuality curricula evaluator and researcher, a high school sex ed teacher, a curriculum consultant, a subject mater expert, a guest lecturer, and a freelance trainer. I work with people who are looking for accurate, empowering information and skills to improve their sex lives. I show them the tools and provide the knowledge to get exactly what they want – a full and happy sex life.

When I am not talking about sex, I am snuggling with my cat, kayaking down the Schuylkill River, or baking sourdough bread. Okay, fine - I'm still talking about sex even when snuggling, kayaking or baking!